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OnTrack Technologies started with a patented technology for an intelligent remote location system that served military organizations and Government agencies delivering solutions to tag, track and locate high value assets which could include personnel, equipment – even military working dogs. 
This system has been adapted and refined for commercial purposes, which include telehealth and personal safety applications.
New technology (sensors, devices, applications), increases data generation exponentially, leading to the capability to track multiple data points like biometrics, people, surrounding objects, and locations. OnTrack Technologies is the only company handling the data in a way that makes it easy to assimilate into existing systems for immediate actionable use.
OnTrack has developed a suite of products to increase users and drive adoption of its Data Exchange System. Each product is unique, designed for rapidly growing markets, and can be delivered as standalone custom branded products or integrated into a customer’s existing application(s).



Founder and COO

Penny began her career as a serial entrepreneur over 25 years ago, developing and innovating technology, primarily in medical electronics. She holds five patents and has established a track record of bringing innovative technologies to market that have been rapidly adopted, achieving successful exits for investors. Over the course of her career Penny has been involved with 8 successful exits. 5 acquisitions/sales – 2 IPO’s and 1 merger.



Bringing more than 20 years of leadership experience in the equity banking and securities sectors to On Track Technologies, Rick has led highly successful organizations, both large and small. His expertise lies in finance, research, sales, and marketing. During his career, Rick has specialized in financial and market analysis and has developed a broad and deep network of relationships in multiple industries – including technology, healthcare, and telecom – which continue to support his leadership initiatives.


Senior Sales Engineer

An accomplished professional with a unique blend of business and technical expertise. Dirk is experienced at defining, developing, and delivering technology-based solutions resulting in revenue creating opportunities for organization of all sizes. Dirk is passionate about identifying solutions to problems that challenge organizations, by applying his understandings of industry landscapes to advance business goals, augmented by an ability to think and analyze problems objectively, while maintaining excellent rapport with executives and teams with a commitment to timely execution.


Head of Systems Integration

Founder of Data AnyWare’s business-focused software solutions. Chuck has used his 30 years of technical consulting and development experience to drive productivity. At home with complex technical challenges. Chuck draws from knowledge gained by serving clients in a variety of industries including professional services, manufacturing, health care, technology, insurance, real estate/land development, agriculture, architectural/engineering, education, geosciences, and construction, as well as federal, state and municipal governments.

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