First Responder Access Solutions:

Empowerment in Fearful Situations

We have all been in situations—parking garages, city streets, unfamiliar places, where we felt vulnerable. Too often we hear stories of a college student being assaulted, a real estate agent being attacked and countless other victims of crimes.

Better Than a 911 Call

OnTrack has developed a technology that alerts first responders to your location so they can begin helping you to safety. No longer will you be required to have the presence of mind to answer a series of questions posed by a dispatcher. Your location will be immediately transmitted, so life-saving help can be on the way!

By simply adding an app to your phone, you can have immediate connectivity to first responders. Additionally, the designated Call Center or security office is able to access their cell phone and leverage all of the features available on the phone:

  • Technology provides the location, velocity, direction, and altitude.
  • Capturing audio and video.
  • Turning on flashlight or alarms.

Peace of Mind

Parents sending their children to college can feel secure help will be on the way if their child feels unsafe walking home from the library at night. Home healthcare workers can confidently deliver care in any neighborhood. Any time an individual feels their safety is at risk, they can just click on an app and know first responders are immediately working to get them the help they need.

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