The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has impacted all facets of society creating complications for densely populated conditions such as schools, daycare, workspaces, and correctional facilities to name a few. The approach for population management is test, trace, and quarantine. This approach requires accurate, real-time data exchange technologies combined with situational awareness.

Social distancing through lockdown is effective in dramatically slowing down community transmission of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Lockdowns are, however, drastic measures to contain a virus when contact tracing of cases, facial masks and hand hygiene recommendations are insufficient or unavailable. Lockdowns have a devastating effect on the economy especially on small businesses, the service industry, daily wage earners, and the poor. When they are prolonged, they put disproportionate financial, social, psychological, and emotional burdens on the most vulnerable segments of the population and put a strain on other aspects of the economy and functioning of day to day life.

OnTrack’s solution acts as an early warning system to quickly identify people with indications of a virus, such as a sudden spike in temperature. When masks or safety equipment is required and an individual is not in compliance, an alert is triggered indicating that entry is prohibited. Real-time object identification notifications and alerts allow for immediate actions to prevent the spread of infection and preemptively anticipate segments of the population with higher probability of infection.

OnTrack’s Covid-19 Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation is literally saving lives.

OnTrack’s Art of the Possible provides organizations and individuals a safe return to normal.

The following components are at the heart of OnTrack’s Covid-19 Business Continuity and Risk Mitigation efforts.

  • Covid-19 Screening questions before entry
  • Non-Contact temperature scan
  • Occupancy and Workplace Analytics
  • Object Detection
  • Social Distancing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Location and Collaboration tools

We deliver The Art of the Possible.

  • A robust system that allows flexible geopaths and geofences that can be tied to specific dates and times or set to a calendar with real-time alerts that are sent if an asset(s) deviates from preset conditions like the absence of a mask, failure to social distance, or capacity limitations.
  • Triggers real-time events (Calendaring, Monitoring, Geospatial Awareness, Alerting, and Notification).
  • The only solution available on the market that offers the efficiency of data exchange by delivering data with adjustable alerting presets to an unlimited number of receivers and systems.