A Game changer

No Need for Silver Alerts

We have all been driving on the highway and have seen the flashing sign for a silver alert, a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s, dementia or another cognitive disability is missing. OnTrack’s technology eliminates the need for silver alerts and the tremendous worry felt by family members or caregivers when they don’t know where a loved one is or if they are safe.

A Simple Wearable

OnTrack’s technology, first developed for use by government and military organizations to tag, track and locate high value assets, has been modified as a small module that can be embedded into wearable devices such as jewelry, fitness trackers, etc. This device provides patients and caregivers of children or individuals with a cognitive disability, such as Alzheimer’s, with the peace of mind knowing they will receive an alert if their loved one’s safety might be compromised.

Accurate, Dependable Information

The module has a battery life up to 30 days, which means it doesn’t have to be removed daily for recharging. The company has a patented locking clasp design available so the wearable can’t be removed by the wearer without assistance, to ensure their safety.

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