Relationship of Blood Pressure to Kidney Disease

Relationship of Blood Pressure to Kidney Disease

Kidneys play a key role in keeping your blood pressure in a healthy range. Diseased kidneys are less able to regulate blood pressure, resulting in blood pressure increases. Keeping your blood pressure controlled can help keep your kidney disease from worsening, while also preventing heart disease. Managing blood pressure is an important factor in slowing kidney disease progression towards the need for dialysis.

Lifestyle Management of Blood Pressure

Managing your health for better outcomes means a healthy diet, exercise, and monitoring/managing your blood pressure; while juggling your work, and personal lifestyle. It can be challenging to fit all the details into a busy day, causing many to put off taking their daily blood pressure readings, which means manually logging the information, and then communicating the data to your physician. Fortunately, remote patient monitoring technologies provide patients with the ability to take an active role in managing and slowing the progression of their kidney disease without having to maintain a manual log for your provider to look at during each visit. What does this mean to you? Consistent blood pressure monitoring without lifestyle disruptions providing for better health management.

Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring

OnTrack Technologies has partnered with Durham Nephrology Associates to provide a blood pressure monitor that automatically sends your daily readings to your provider. Each day when taking your blood pressure, the monitoring device will capture, and send your vitals to your physician, alerting you and your provider when your blood pressure readings are outside a predetermined threshold set by your provider specifically for you. Our solution tracks your blood pressure trends over time, allowing your provider to make adjustments to your personalized care plan if needed.

Health Management as a Team

RPM combines your participation as the patient; consistent monitoring by your medical providers; and the adoption of technologies that make the process simple. Your role is to live your best life while being mindful of making healthy choices, such as consistently monitoring your blood pressure. Your physician’s role is to monitor your health data to collaborate with you for optimal care management by working together as a team, for a healthier you.

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OnTrack’s RPM solution is easily adaptable by patients, and providers alike. Our technology team are experts in data-driven technologies for remote patient medical management, specific to Nephrology. If you are managing kidney disease, and high blood pressure; contact your medical provider to inquire about OnTrack’s blood pressure monitoring solution. You may contact a Durham Nephrology provider by calling 919-477-3005 or contact them online to request an appointment.