Patient Configuration

Adding a Patient

  1. Select the ‘PATIENTS’ tab from the top toolbar
  2. Select ‘New’ under the Patient Directory
  3. Insert patient information according to your company’s protocol, select ‘Save’.
  4. Under the Patient Info tab, assign any hubs or contacts to the patient

    Patients must be assigned a Hub in order to record measurements

Patient Settings

First Name: Patient’s First Name (Optional)

Last Name : Patient’s Last Name (Optional)

Patient ID : Patient ID (Required)

Hubs : Shows hubs that have been assigned to the patient. A patient must be assigned a hub before that hub can upload patient measurements.

Contacts : Shows contacts that have been assigned to the patients. Contacts are external locations where alerts are delivered.

Deleting a Patient

Patient with saved measurements can not be deleted

  1. Select ‘PATIENTS’ from the toolbar
  2. Search for and select the patient to be deleted
  3. Go under the ‘Patient Info’ tab and select ‘Delete’