Hub/Phone Configuration

  • Hub/Phone Configuration Guide

    Adding a New Hub/Phone

    On the RMM Web App

    1. Select ‘HUBS’ in the toolbar

    2. Select ‘New’ under the Hub Directory
    3. Type the Name and Identifier of your device according to your company’s protocol, Select Save
    4. Select Register Hub, save, or copy the code displayed at the top of the screen.

    On the Phone

    1. Install and open the RMM Application from the app store
    2. Type the registration code saved from the previous steps

    If you see the Select Patient screen, you have successfully connected your phone to the RMM service!

    Hub Settings

    Hub Name: Name of the Device (can be anything)

    Hub Identifier: Unique Identifier for the device (Serial Number, Asset ID, etc)

    Disabled: Checking this box prevents the device from communicating with the web app

    Registered: Whether or not the device has used a registration code to register with the web app

    Deleting a Hub

    1. Select ‘HUBS’ in the toolbar
    2. Click on the Hub you want to remove or use the Quick Search if it is not visible
    3. Select Delete under the Hub Record