Asset Geospatial System for Logistics

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Analysts and industry experts agree that data assimilation and analysis are integral to business success.

However traditional solutions are not sufficient in performance analysis. Failing to embrace change and integration of faster, easier methods of data sharing will cost organizations far more than the price of implementing a solution.

For example, without technically advanced data delivery capabilities, organizations will lose valuable time in recognizing trends, failure situations, or other time-critical urgencies based on situational awareness. Operating any data-driven organization without comprehensive informational insights will have potentially serious negative repercussions.

The need of adaptable data exchange for optimal efficiencies necessitates the implementation of a data delivery service that offers faster, easier methods of data sharing and assimilation into existing systems.

The solution must be scalable and able to deliver data to multiple endpoints, including varied data presets, from a single source.

OnTrack’s Art of the Possible delivers unparalleled Logistics and Asset Management Solutions.

OnTrack’s solution offers unprecedented capabilities of data management that puts the organization in control of deciding where, when, and in what format the data is to be delivered. Our solution captures 100 percent of the data generated, while allowing the organization to create alerts and notifications on subsets of the data. The OnTrack solution offers the flexibility to meet any unique criteria.

We deliver The Art of the Possible.

  • Triggers real-time* events (Calendaring, Monitoring, Geospatial Awareness, Alerting, and Notification).
  • The only solution available on the market that offers the efficiency of data exchange by delivering data with adjustable alerting presets to an unlimited number of receivers and systems.
  • A robust system that allows flexible geopaths and geofences that can be tied to specific dates and times or set to a calendar with real-time* alerts that are only sent if an asset(s) deviates from the preset boundaries and locations.