• Automates the collection of biometric data, enabling a more streamlined and economical system for both patients and providers.
  • An app for mobile devices to collect data from a wide array of Bluetooth-enabled medical devices.
  • Data delivered where it’s needed most - from databases to dashboards.
  • Generates alerts when established boundaries are broken and/or the data reflects/implies a problem.
  • Integrative system that enables providers to streamline the management of patients.
  • Integration of the system with a customer’s existing web or mobile application.
  • Move data between disparate systems and/or applications.
  • Engage patients with questions or surveys.


  • Positioning technology to tag, track, or locate, wrapped up in a small module ready to be embedded into wearable devices, jewelry, fitness trackers etc. Originally designed for use by the government and military organizations and then modified as a wearable to ensure the safety of a child or loved one suffering from a cognitive disability.

  • The module has a battery life up to 30 days, compared to current devices that have 24-48 hours.

  • Patented locking clasp design available so the wearable can’t be removed, which ensures the safety of the user.

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A mobile application designed to collect situational status information during an emergency. The app is capable of leveraging all of the features of a smartphone:

  • Location, velocity, direction, and altitude.
  • Capturing audio and video.
  • Turning on flashlight or alarms.
  • Can be integrated into most dashboards and platforms.

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  • A solution for tracking people’s positions indoors and/or outdoors via smart phones.
  • Provides constant location data, including how many devices are in an area and generates alerts if any established parameters are violated.
  • Solution has a variety of industry applications – commercial real estate (utilization) construction (tracking workers) and retail (workers and customers).
  • Leverages customer’s existing infrastructure, such as Wi-Fi access points.
  • Capable of collecting data from any type of sensors (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).
  • Effortless installation and low-cost maintenance.

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