At OnTrack, we believe great technologies can do great things.

That’s why we’re driven to provide simple and secure data solutions for healthcare, business, and industry that optimize health, performance, and safety.

For over two decades, our patented adaptive technologies have served military and government agencies.

Now we’re making them commercially available, too.

That’s because we know that emerging technologies are creating a mountain of data and providing new opportunities for those who know how to make the most of it.

At OnTrack, we can help you do exactly that.

With our proven Adaptive Data Exchange technology (ADE), we Deliver Data as a Service (DDaaS) to support results-oriented decision making based on real-time* data.

We do that by creating effective communication between any type of asset, any type of device, and any type of system.

We deliver The Art of Possible by providing the seamless, adaptable, and fully customizable data management solutions your organization needs.

Penny Shikowitz, Founder and CEO
Penny is a thought leader in applying multi-modal methodologies to address challenges in commercial markets spanning Engineering/Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Facilities Management, Logistics, and more. She began her career as a serial entrepreneur over 25 years ago, developing and innovating technology, primarily in medical electronics. She holds five patents and has established a track record of bringing innovative technologies to market that have been rapidly adopted, achieving multiple successful exits for investors.
Jonathan Hornaday, CFO
Jonathan has over 20 years of financial leadership experience as both an investor and operator across a wide range of industries including consumer products, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. He began his career with roles in mergers and acquisitions advisory and venture capital after graduating from the University of North Carolina. After receiving an MBA from Kellogg School of Management, Jonathan worked in real estate private equity before becoming the first employee of a bank roll up which acquired six banks over six years before selling for $1.8B to FNB. Since leaving FNB, Jonathan has worked in multiple CFO roles with NC-based young growth companies.
Curt Beaird
Curt Beaird, Director Clinical Market Development

With more than 20 years of experience in medical device and pharmaceuticals sales, Curt brings a unique set of talents to On Track. He has served in various leadership roles including marketing, consulting, and sales in both start-up and well-established business settings. Curt is passionate about building high-performing teams to deliver innovations and technologies within diverse healthcare specialty areas. In the past 20 years, Curt has specialized in launching novel disruptive technologies in bariatric surgery, general surgery, orthopedics, and cardiology. Throughout his career, Curt and his teams have received numerous accolades.

Chuck Snell, Head of Systems Integration
Founder of Data AnyWare’s business-focused software solutions. Chuck has used his 30 years of technical consulting and development experience to drive productivity. At home with complex technical challenges. Chuck draws from knowledge gained by serving clients in a variety of industries including professional services, manufacturing, health care, technology, insurance, real estate/land development, agriculture, architectural/engineering, education, geosciences, and construction, as well as federal, state and municipal governments.
Jackie Kaufman, Healthcare Advisor
Jackie has over 25 years of health and life sciences experience as a nurse and adult nurse practitioner, having received her BSN and MN from the University of Washington, Seattle. Her early clinical specialty areas include cardiothoracic intensive care, emergency room medicine, and organ donation and transplantation. She’s practiced clinical care and research with the HIV/AIDS Clinic Trials Group at the University of North Carolina and as Project Coordinator for the Global AIDS Program in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to her clinical contributions, Jackie has served several local and state organizations through her efforts to reduce and prevent violence, for which she has received numerous awards.
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