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You need data.
You’ve been generating data…
only to realize there is a lot of information to manage. What now?

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Actionable Data: any data, any source, anywhere, at any time.


Our Adaptive Data Exchange solution improves how you collect, monitor, and manage information. You can capture any type of data, from any source, adapt and deliver it to your existing systems.

Your organization gains access to the exact data you want, precisely when and how you need it.


Vital information is not always readily available or easy to collect. Within the IoT ecosystem not all devices, applications, and systems speak the same language, making it difficult to push, pull, and extract data.

OnTrack’s Adaptive Data Exchange solution makes data accessible and actionable as we Deliver Data as a Service.


We specialize in helping organizations reach value-driven data management goals with our Adaptive Data Exchange technology.

With delivery of real-time actional data your organization will be in position to optimize information analytics capabilities, improve efficiencies, and take advantage of data technology.

Redefine the way you optimize information.You deserve an edge.