Health at your fingertips

At OnTrack we believe technology can transform the way healthcare is delivered, and we are driven to provide the simplest and most secure solutions to the challenges faced by those with little or no access to physicians and healthcare workers.

Physician to Patient Ratio

Whether in rural communities throughout America or remote regions of Africa, in many cases, there aren’t enough physicians to serve the population. Patients seeking help must travel hours, or sometimes even days, to see a physician. OnTrack Technologies enables patients to have access to the physicians, healthcare and prescriptions they need, without burdensome travel.


Medical records require a heightened level of security and complete confidence in accuracy. OnTrack’s technology complies with international data security standards and adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Changing Lives

There are currently seventeen-thousand people to every doctor in Africa, which greatly limits access to healthcare. OnTrack Technologies is powering an application, that can be replicated in any country across the globe. The platform is easy to deploy and has received favorable feedback from various healthcare stakeholders. Additionally, it has garnered the prestigious Frost & Sullivan best practices award.

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