Solve Compliance and Rural Health Issues

Empower healthcare providers with access to real-time biometric data such as…

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Pulse oximetry
  • Weight
  • Glucose levels
  • Temperature

In addition to providing critical patient information, healthcare workers can remotely access their patient data rather than relying on patient self-reporting.

Healthcare workers have tremendous demands on their time. Having to retrieve biometric data like the patient’s daily blood pressure numbers becomes cumbersome when caregivers must spend time updating each patient’s medical record regardless of whether the reading is of concern or not. OnTrack’s technology enables the customization of parameters to collect biometric data and generate alerts only when measurements violate preset boundaries, eliminating alert fatigue and automating EHR updates.


  • Easy customization and assimilation into existing workflows.
  • Use existing devices and reduce readmissions.
  • Better manage patient populations and expand reimbursement opportunities.
  • Address rural health and compliance challenges with accurate, measurable data delivered over any device.

Mobile Applications

  • Automate data capture and transmission from wide array of BLE-enabled medical devices.
  • Simple to set up and pair devices.
  • Easily incorporated into your current applications.

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