On Track Technologies Incorporated
200 N. Mangum Street
Suite 204
Durham, NC 27701
Tel. 919-354-6510

Launched in 2006, On Track Technologies Incorporated (OTT) is located in Durham, North Carolina. We are an innovative communications company focused solely on developing the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly telemetry-based solutions available. Our systems bring together software, hardware, and infrastructure elements, integrated seamlessly to collect and monitor any type of telemetry data—including location, sensor, biological, audio, and video data.

our focus

We are poised to be the global leader in the collection and monitoring of telemetry data. The OTT family of intelligent devices gather and transmit telemetry data from anywhere in the world to a monitoring center developed and operated by OTT. Our dynamic, creative, and highly experienced development staff has created an extensive array of solution components—all customizable to your specific needs—and is committed to expanding our offering in the coming years.

We also work and partner with companies in a wide variety of industries to offer comprehensive, low-cost, cutting-edge solutions to organizations like yours, who require effective patient tracking and the collection, transmission, and monitoring of critical data. Our Interactive Relay Communication Device™—a miniature mobile communication device that can transmit any type of telemetry data to an operations center anywhere in the world over a broad range of radio frequencies—is at the core of our technology offering.

target markets

We market our products and services to health care organizations worldwide. A wide variety of health care markets, especially those focused on chronic care, such as the Alzheimer’s and diabetes care sectors, will find that our solutions offer superior value, especially when compared with more unwieldy, less flexible, or more expensive solutions. We focus particularly on applications unable to take advantage of off-the-shelf technology or that require a full-featured monitoring system. Using and building on our modular core technology, we can offer an optimal, tailor-made solution from start to finish, delivered at a comparatively low cost.